WPHS Marching Band 2nd Annual March-A-Thon!

The Band is Coming!!  The WPHS Marching Band will “take to the streets” 3 days in August and September for their second annual March-A-Thon Fundraiser. The WPHS will be marching through the neighborhood streets of Woodland Park playing a variety of music from this year’s show along with parade and pep band music to entertain our friends and neighbors.  The purpose of this fundraiser is to collect donations to cover expenses such as new band uniform shoes, guard equipment, field props, new instruments and repair of old instruments.  If you hear us marching down your street, please join us! If you would like to request a special visit, sent us an email. We look forward to entertaining Woodland Park!

If we miss you, but you would like to make a donation, comment below.  We’ll make arrangements to pick up donations.

Thank you for your support!!

March-A-Thon days:  Aug 7th,  Aug 8th, and Sept 6th.  Stay tuned for which neighborhoods we’ll be in on each day!

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