Parent Band Contract

By typing my name in the box below, I understand the following:

1. My child is participating in an activity that requires out of school rehearsal time requirements.
2. I understand that my child's participation at all rehearsals, football games, and competitions is vital to the success of the marching band and I will make every attempt to ensure my child will be at each of the rehearsals, football games and competitions on time.
3. I understand that the 2017 band fee of $75.00 is required for participation and that fee covers items such as meals and drinks for my child during competition events, band t-shirt, uniform cleaning, etc., and that in the event of financial hardship, I understand that I must contact the WPHS Band Booster Treasurer to make other financial arrangements. I also understand that this band fee is in addition to the $40.00 band activity fee that is paid to the school to cover bus transportation and competition entry fees.
4. I understand that any payments made to the band are non -refundable if my child decides to quit the marching band.
5. I understand that in addition to the band registration forms such as this, I must also complete the WPHS Activities Registration Form if I have not already done so for other school sponsored activities. The WPHS Activities Registration form is available at the school activities office.

6. I understand that my name and contact information, as well as my child's name and contact information will be published in the WPHS Marching Band directory available to all marching band members and parents unless I submit in writing to the WPHS Band Booster President my request to have this information withheld prior to the directory's publication.
By typing my name, I attest that I have read and agree to the above information.