We need you imageIt takes a village of volunteers for a marching band to be successful.  We have a busy season coming up, and we need help from EVERY parent!  There are many volunteer opportunities!  Please sign up for as much as you can!  

Note: if you don’t see a date that works for you, have no fear, there are more dates coming!  Stay tuned!



Judge’s Char-Grille Fundraiser:  Judge’s in Woodland Park has graciously agreed to donate 10% of the day’s sales to the WPHS Marching Band.  Band members and parents don’t have to do anything for this fundraiser…… EXCEPT EAT THERE!  Please support Judge’s and WPHS MB on the following days:

  • Aug 11th
  • Sept. 8th

March-A-Thon Fundraisers – 

The Band is Coming!!  The WPHS Marching Band will “take to the streets” 3 days in August for their second annual March-A-Thon Fundraiser. The WPHS will be marching through the neighborhood streets of Woodland Park playing a variety of music from this year’s show along with parade and pep band music to entertain our friends and neighbors.  The purpose of this fundraiser is to collect donations to cover expenses such as new band uniform shoes, guard equipment, field props, new instruments and repair of old instruments.  If you hear us marching down your street, please join us! If you would like to request a special visit, sent us an email. We look forward to entertaining Woodland Park!

If we miss you, but you would like to make a donation, comment below.  We’ll make arrangements to pick up donations.

Thank you for your support!!

  • Aug 7th: 5:00 call time – dusk cancelled due to HS registration
  • Aug 8th: 5:00 call time – dusk
  • Sept. 6th: 5:00 call time – dusk

Click here for Slyreply sign-up


For each competition, we will be loading the trailer with instruments and field props the night before.  Therefore, we will need a few parents to help with this, but we also need many parents to help the day of the competition.  This will include feeding our hungry kids, and quickly getting pit instruments and props onto and off the field during performance time.  For each date listed below, there is a sign up for loading the trailer the night before at the same link.

Colorado State Fair Parade

8/24/18 – Load Trailer at 7:00PM  Click here to sign up 
8/25/18 – Pueblo, CO – Slyreply sign-up

Legend Marching Festival
10/5/18 – Load Trailer at 7:00PM Click here to sign up
10/6/18 – Parker, CO – Slyreply sign-up

Harrison Marching Festival
10/12/18 – Load Trailer at 7:00PM Click here to sign up
10/13/18 – Colorado Springs, CO – Slyreply sign-up

Southern Regionals Marching Festival
10/16/18 – Load Trailer at 7:00PM Click here to sign up
10/17/18 – Colorado Springs, CO – Slyreply sign-up

Colorado State Marching Festival
10/27/18- Load Trailer at 7:00PM Click here to sign up
10/29/18 – Pueblo, CO – Slyreply sign-ups

Football Games:

9/7/18 – vs Sierra HS
Slyreply Sign-up

9/21/18 – vs Battle Mountain HS (Homecoming)
Slyreply Sign-up

9/28/18 – vs La Junta HS
Slyreply Sign-up

10/19/18 – vs Elizabeth HS
Slyreply Sign-up