Jazz Band Syllabus

High School Jazz Band
Course Syllabus
Woodland Park High School
Instructor: Ms. Martinez, cmartinez@wpsdk12.org
Welcome to Jazz Band! I am so very excited to be here making music with you all! I want for us to have a fun year with many opportunities!

Student Expectations: All Band classes are co-curricular activities. This simply means that part of the work takes place during the school day, and some takes place outside of the school day. All efforts and achievements are evaluated and applied toward the students’ course grade. To take full advantage of the benefits that this class has to offer, all students are expected to prepare for and participate in all co-curricular activities related to the course they are registered for. No absence will be excused unless it is an extreme emergency or prior notification has been given to the director in advance and a compromise can be agreed upon.

ZERO CREDIT IS GIVEN FOR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate schedule conflicts to the teacher. Work is not an excused absence. Absences will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Grading Policy: As this is a performance-based course, attendance and participation are heavily weighted.


45% – Performance Attendance & Participation

35% – Daily Preparation & Participation (10 points/day)

20% – Written & Playing Quizzes

Attendance: Class begins at 7:00AM. Students are expected to be ready to play when attendance is taken.

Grading Scale:

A = 90%-100%

B = 80%- 89%

C = 70%- 79%

D = 60%-69%

F = 59% or Lower

If attendance or behavior at rehearsals and/or performances becomes a problem, students will be conferenced with, and there will be a call home.

Jazz Band Concert Attire: All members of the jazz band are to wear formal attire. Gentlemen must wear dress slacks, shirt and tie. A suit coat is also recommended. Ladies may wear dress slacks and a blouse. If you wear a skirt, it must cover the knee when seated. No athletic shoes, please. The director shall have final say on the appropriateness of performer attire.



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